August 25-31 in Liverpool was Beatleweek, the annual international Beatles gathering organized by Cavern City Tours. A week of Beatles tribute bands from around the world, singalongs in pubs, and fans of all ages spanning three generations. A convention day with guest speakers, rare videos, and memorabilia and (ahem) "alternate" recordings for sale; a trip to Pete Best's recently refurbished Casbah Coffee Club; a memorabilia auction in the Paul McCartney Auditorium of the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts; and the Mathew Street Festival.

This year, with the re-issue of "Yellow Submarine", 30 August was renamed Yellow Submarine Day and the Mathew Street Festival became known as the Yellow Submarine Mathew Street Festival.
Yellow Submarine stage
The Festival included 6 outdoor stages, one of which was this one, appropriately called the Yellow Submarine Stage. All those yellow caps were distributed free to the festival day attendees. Attendance at Yellow Submarine Day was estimated by the Liverpool Echo at being 250,000. Given the crowds in the streets and the impossibility of gaining entrance to any of the inside venues that day, we believe that estimate!
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